It’s not just WHAT
you eat - it’s WHY

At Motivation, we get to the root cause of your weight problem by helping you tackle the reasons for your unhealthy eating behaviour.

What is the Motivation Programme?

How can Motivation help you?

We use a variety of techniques to help you identify and deal with the emotional triggers affecting your eating habits. Watch our video to learn more.

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Life Changing Results

Each year thousands of Irish people change their lives for the better by successfully completing our clinically proven Weight Management Programme.

Before and Afters

Eleanor Kennedy

lost 5 stone

Eleanor’s weight reached an all-time high after giving birth to her third child, but she changed her life completely by losing the weight with Motivation.

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Ann-Marie Gray

lost 8½ stone

With excess weight causing health problems and her confidence at an all-time low, Ann-Marie took the advice of her GP and joined Motivation – and she hasn’t looked back.

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Fiona Ahern

lost 4 stone

Before she joined Motivation, Fiona lacked energy, confidence and felt her eating was out of control. Now she feels like a million dollars thanks to the huge support she got from her clinic team.

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Phyllis Byrne

lost 7 stone 4 lbs

At the age of 60, Phyllis proved it’s never too late to make a major life change when she shed over 7 stone with the help of her clinic team.

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Rob Walpole

lost 23 stone

Rob set an Irish record for the largest non-surgical weight loss when he shed 23 stone, an inspiring feat which prompted him to go on to run his own Motivation Weight Management clinic.

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Eamonn Mulligan

lost 11 stone

Some people were so amazed by Eamonn’s transformation that they asked if he’d had gastric surgery, but he happily explains it was Motivation that made him a new man.

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Latest News

Motivation wins top marketing award

Motivation wins top marketing award

21 October 2013

Motivation Weight Management has won a major business award in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of marketing.

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